The Good News

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God created us to be with him.

In the beginning God created humanity to live life with him and to glorify him.

Our sin separates us from God.

Because of the sin of our first grandparents, Adam and Eve, we have inherited their fallen nature. Because God is holy, he hates sin and his holy nature means he has to destroy it. The result is that we live separated from relationship with God.

Sin can’t be removed by good deeds.

From the beginning of time humanity has tried to earn or place with God by doing good things. It is not a matter of doing good things; it is that we are marred by sin. Good deeds don't remove sin, the sin remains until it is removed; this something only God can do.

The bad news is that in our sinful state we cannot live life with God as he intended from the beginning.

Paying the price for sin, Jesus Christ died and rose again.

The good news of the gospel is that God loves us so much that he made a way for us to live life with him as he intended.

God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, to pay the price of sin in our place. He died so that we would not have to. Sin means spiritual death but Jesus defeated this death as the cross and offers us spiritual life. Now we have a pathway to spiritual life and redemption through Jesus Christ. 

Everyone who believes in Jesus Christ alone will receive eternal life. 

In order to receive eternal life all is required is belief in Jesus Christ alone to redeem us from sin. Eternal life is less about the where we will be once our bodies die and more about the who. Jesus tells us that eternal life is knowing God the Father and himself, God the Son. Life that is eternal means that we will live with God eternally in heaven. Scripture tell us that we will be in a beautiful place, reunited with all of our loved ones who have died before us, and it will be forever. More importantly we are
restored to a right relationship with God.