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Current Series

The Life of Christ: Deity Reveal

This series looks at Christ's life through the gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. His everlasting existence, His advent and earthly ministry, teachings, death, and resurrection, as well as His final victory, will be explored. Part 1, entitled Deity Reveal, covers Jesus' existence before creation until His advent into the world.

Boys of Summer

This series takes a look at the minor prophets and their messages. Along the way, we will discover God’s message of redemption and restoration that has been on the heart of God since the very beginning.

One Offs

These are single sermons that are not apart of a series.

Guest Speaker

Messages from those who come to visit speak at Pima Canyon Church.

Family Manifesto

Family Manifesto; an 11 week series on what we, as a church, believe on marriage and family issues.

Romans: Gospel Conversations

Romans is foundational to what we believe as followers of Christ. Each passage is an expression of the gospel and its importance for our lives.

Easter 2020

Pastor Dave preaches on the comparisons between Jonah and Jesus for Easter 2020.


Hope, peace, joy and love. Celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Apostles Creed: what we believe

In our new nine week series, beginning 12.30.18, we look at the Apostles' Creed which is the earliest statement of our faith. Join us on Sunday's at 10 am.


As Christians there are things that are just true about who we are.  We are blessed by God, we are redeemed, we are in union with Jesus and we exist in community as members of Jesus’ church.  John Stott calls us “God’s New Society”, He is right and just what that looks like is what Paul explains to us in the pages of his epistle to the Ephesians.