Gospel Conversations Week 18

Gospel Conversations Week 18

May 17, 2020 | David Deputy

Romans 11:25

Romans 9:16

Ephesians 2

Romans 9:6-7

Romans 11:28-29

Romans 11:30-32

Romans 3:23

John 3:17

Romans 11:33-36

Isaiah 40

Job 36

Series Information

Romans is foundational to what we believe as followers of Christ. Each passage is an expression of the gospel and its importance for our lives.

Follow Along with the Message

  1. The Fullness of the Gospel (vv. 25-27)
    • Encouraging them to humility
      • Gentiles are grafted into and supported by  
      • God's plan to call the   meant a partial harding of Israel
    • God is the one who has extended his grace to all people 
    •   = to dull
    • God has dulled Israel partially and temporarily for our  
  2. Fullness of Israel (vv. 28-29)
    • To bring the gospel to the Gentiles, God treats his chosen people as  
    •   is still God's chosen people 
    • The gifts and the calling of God are  
    • All people are imprisoned in   so that God may show mercy to all people
    • God will draw his people back when the   of the Gentiles occurs
  3. Doxology (vv. 33-36)
    • God's work in salvation is a   to people but not to God
    • We are not always going to get  
    • Everything is from God, through God, and belongs to God... and are for his  

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