Praising and Prophesying

Praising and Prophesying

November 14, 2021 | David Deputy

Series Information

This series looks at Christ's life through the gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. His everlasting existence, His advent and earthly ministry, teachings, death, and resurrection, as well as His final victory, will be explored. Part 1, entitled Deity Reveal, covers Jesus' existence before creation until His advent into the world.

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The Life of Christ

Praising and Prophesying (Luke 1:57-80)


Counterculture - a culture with lifestyles and values  

to those of the established culture. 

2. John’s Public Ministry Begins (vv. 57-66)

  • Zechariah and Elizabeth are breaking with   by naming their child John.
  • Elizabeth corrects and Zechariah affirms John’s name.
  • The people watched John as he grew.
  • Application
    1. Be willing to be  .
    2. Being countercultural will   you.

 3. Zechariah’s Prophecy (vv. 67-80)

  • Zechariah is relating the  message.
  • John was the one that was chosen by God to   the way for the coming messiah.
  • The place where God chose to mold John and prepare Him for his ministry was in the  .
  • Application
    1. The wilderness is a place of  .
    2. In the wilderness we learn  .
    3. In the wilderness we learn   on God.

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