The Cry in the Wilderness

The Cry in the Wilderness

October 24, 2021 | David Deputy

Series Information

This series looks at Christ's life through the gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. His everlasting existence, His advent and earthly ministry, teachings, death, and resurrection, as well as His final victory, will be explored. Part 1, entitled Deity Reveal, covers Jesus' existence before creation until His advent into the world.

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The Life of Christ

The Cry in the Wilderness (Luke 1:1-25)


  1. Luke’s Purpose Statement (vv. 1-4)
    • Luke desires to give an orderly and reliable accounting of the life of Jesus and the events that surround it.
      1. There were   to the life of Jesus.
      2. There are   as well as eyewitnesses.
      3. Luke states that he had been following the stories and the accounts of Jesus’ life.
    • Luke researched so that we could be   of the things that we have been taught.
  2. The Birth of John Foretold (vv. 5-17)
    • Zechariah was a priest and Elizabeth was the daughter of a priest.
    • John was to be a Nazarite, set apart for   to God for the entirety of his life.
    • John   the way for Jesus’ ministry.
    • He was the  crying in the wilderness.
  3. The First 6 months (vv. 18-25)
    • Zechariah displayed   at Gabriel’s announcement.
    • Gabriel gave Zechariah a sign: He would be unable to speak until John is born.
    • John = God is  
  4. Conclusion
    • We can   the gospel accounts.
    • We are to prepare the way for   in people’s lives.
    • Trust that He is   and true.

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