Sermon on the Mount Part 2: Kingdom Minded

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The Life of Christ: The Sermon on the Mount Part 2 - Kingdom Minded

Woe to … (Luke 6:24-26)

  1. … you who are  : to have complete dependence on one’s self.
  2. … you who are full: to find fulfillment in the things of the  .
  3. … you who  : those people who are happy, jovial and contented in their current state of affairs.
  4. … when all people speak well of you: when you stand for everything, you, in reality, stand for  .
  5. The beatitudes and the woes that Jesus pronounced are meant to be   forming traits.

Salt and Light (Matthew 5:13-16)

  1. We are to stand out in the world today.
  2. Two examples:
    • Salt
      1. Salt as a  : we are to change the flavor of the world and be righteousness where it is lacking.
      2. Salt as a  : we are called to stop the moral decay and corruption in the world.
    • Light
      1. We are to shine the light of   in the world.
      2. Light   the dark, exposing sin and revealing Christ.
  3. Two kingdoms
    • There are only two kingdoms: the kingdom of   and the kingdom of the  .
    • In which are you walking?

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