Sermon on the Mount Part 3: The Law as Grace (Week 1)

Sermon on the Mount Part 3: The Law as Grace (Week 1)

September 25, 2022 | David Deputy

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The Life of Christ: The Sermon on the Mount Part 3 - Law as Grace (Week 1)

Until Heaven and Earth Pass Away (Matthew 5:17-18)

  1. Jesus did not come to   the Law.
  2. Jesus reveals the true   of the Law.
  3. The authority of the Law will   until heaven and earth pass away.
  4.   part of the Law, down to the smallest parts, remains in effect.
  5. The Law will only pass away when all of God’s purposes in it and in the world are  .
  6. Grace gets to our  , the inner qualities of who we are.
  7. Jesus followers are the beneficiaries of His perfection.


Hold to the Law (Matthew 5:19)

  1. When we ignore God’s words,   disregarding them, we will be called the least in the kingdom of heaven.
  2. Be careful to   all that God has commanded.
  3. The commands of God are to be taught.
  4. God is   and unchangeable, and as a result, His standards have not changed.


The Impossible Standard (Matthew 5:20)

  1. Our only hope is to trust and   on Jesus for our salvation and our character formation.
  2. It is the Holy Spirit who   us, forms our character, and renews our mind.  

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